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These Celebrities Are Adding ‘Investor’ To Their Resume – Check Out Their Side Projects

Hollywood not only has the bragging rights of perhaps the best rags to riches stories, but it has also opened up new avenues to actors and actresses who have used their new-found wealth to invest in other ventures. It is great to see them thinking about their future and finding ways to be successful in business ventures, so that they do not have to think hard about earning money long after their retirement — though it is safe to say that Hollywood has grown a lot in the last few decades, and senior actors are not deprived when it comes to good movies. We all know how actors like Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, and Leonardo DiCaprio have used their money to invest in successful ventures which have made them wealthier. So here are some more stars who are actually also investors. Find out how they are making good use of their money.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one smart lady. Her attitude on stage and on screen is no-nonsense, and in her real life, she exudes the same kind of vibe. She must have understood that the world of entertainment does provide, money, fame, and stardom but it doesn’t provide stability. Hence, she invested in a startup called BackplaneIt was a platform for sports stars and musicians to connect with each other. It was not her first venture as she had partnered with video games maker Zynga previously to bring out a new version of Farmville – Gagaville. However, the startup Backplane couldn’t survive the competitive world of Silicon Valley and called quits in 2016. However, we believe Lady Gaga must have taken it as a learning lesson and will invest again in the future.

Reese Witherspoon

Influential actress Reese Witherspoon took her talents to a new level when she became a producer. For years, she self-funded her production company, Pacific Standard which went on to produce great movies like Wild and Gone Girl. She also happens to be the executive producer and one of the main characters of the popular TV series on HBO, Big Little Lies. Not only has she turned a producer but she plans to produce women-centric movies and shows. Her goal is to make a revolutionary change in Hollywood with special focus on women. Not stopping at that, she has also launched her clothing line Draper Jamesand we hear she has plans to expand it.


Veteran rapper Nas has moved away from the active rapping scenario, but he has not completely retired. Last year, he released a new album after years named Nasir. Now, he is back again and will be working more on new albums. Aside from making his mark in music, we hear he has become a tech investor as well. Some of the most significant companies where he had invested are Dropbox, Lyft, and Robinhood. He had invested in restaurants and also brought out his own clothing line, HSTRYHe had also invested in startups and became the executive producer of an Indian movie titled Gully Boy. Apparently, the movie also happens to revolve around the story of a rapper. It must have impressed Nas!

Ellen DeGeneres

Most Hollywood stars are used to buying and selling properties frequently. For some, it is a change of status or a new relationship that forces them to ditch their old homes and buy new ones. For others, it is just the need to move to a better or more luxurious place. However, Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t fall in either of these categories. She takes her real estate investments very seriously. She has become a pro now and makes tons of profit out of her real estate investments. Partnering with wife Portia De Rossi, the two have even renovated a number of homes and have sold more than 12 properties so far. How much does she know about her investments in real estate? Well, in one of her ventures, she made a huge $15-million profit out of a $40-million mansion! Impressive, don’t you think?

It is time we learn a few ropes from our favorite celebs and try to invest more for a better future. Whether the celebrities have faced failure or success, they have invested anyway. This is the biggest lesson we need to learn from them. Take a calculated risk and start investing!

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