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Five Businessmen Who Have the Most Enviable Wealth!

There are two types of wealthy people, those who built an empire from scratch and those who inherited their wealth. At the same time, few lucky people have had the fortune of inheriting their family name and wealth. Others have had to work their way to the top to achieve success.

Each one of them has tread a different path to success. One cannot simply become a billionaire or feature in a list of the world’s wealthiest industrialists without burning their midnight oil. Here we would like to throw light top five businessmen in the world.

Jeff Bezos – $178 Billion

The American philanthropist, businessman, and space explorer is best known for creating the online marketplace In, Jeff Bezos wears multiple hats like the founder, president, chairman, and chief executive officer.

He surpassed the wealth of bill gates first in the year 2017. There is no looking back since then. He owns two estates in the Beverly Hills area, a prestigious real estate area on the west coast of the USA and the entire USA.

Bill Gates – $125 Billion

Bill Gates is an American Business Magnate who is the founder and former chairman of Microsoft. He is also a philanthropist who also runs the gates foundation along with his wife. Before the year 2017, he was previously the world’s richest person. Now, that position has been occupied by Jeff Bezos, who is the founder of

Bill Gates now owns less than 1.3% of the stock in Microsoft. This is because he has sold tens of billions of worth of Microsoft shares in the previous years as he wanted to dilute his stake in the company. He has devoted his life working for charitable causes through the Gates foundation.

Mark Zuckerberg – $97 Billion

The founder of Facebook is the third -richest businessman in the world. His net worth is $97 Billion. The fascinating fact about this fact is he draws a salary of just one dollar per year. A Major chunk of his fortune can be attributed to the fact that he is the owner of 400 million total Facebook shares.

These shares are broken up into various classes that have different voting privileges. With all of these shares, he almost controls 58% of the voting power on Facebook. His valuation tipped over $100 Billion in the year 2020.

Bernard Arnault – $87 Billion

The world’s fourth-richest businessmen is a very discreet and quiet person who does not like to be in the limelight. Bernard Arnault is the owner of the world’s biggest luxury goods company LVMH. He has made sure that a large number of luxury brands have been acquired by his company LVMH.

The greatest tactic employed by Bernard Arnault is the fact that he did not merge the legacies of those companies with his. He rather let them have their history. This made sure that these brands grew on their own and had a story of their own. He made most of his profit from the brand Christian Dior in which his family owns a 73% stake.

Warren Buffett – $83 Billion

Popular as formidably the world’s best investor of all time. Warren Buffett is considered the most famous investor by many people in the world. Let us take an example if you had invested along with warren Buffett $10,000 in 1966. You would have over $160 Million by today. On the other hand, if you had invested the same amount in the S&P, you would have only $140,000. He has planned to give away 99% of his net worth to charity before his death. Out of this 99%, he has made sure that 83% of his wealth will go to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

These are the world’s top five richest businessmen. Surprisingly the top three are directly or indirectly related to the world of computers and the internet. Another common fact that most people share is that they are devoted to one or the other cause of charity and are trying to make the world a better place to live in. They have made many charitable contributions to science, space exploration, disease eradication in third world countries, and solved the water problem in a few countries. We only hope that they continue to grow and continue to make the world a better place.

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