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The Biggest Banks With The Best Customer Experience in 2019

Gone are those days when banks only offered phone support beyond the scheduled working hours. These days, banks and other financial institutions need to offer digital banking to retain their customers in the long run. Banks that rule the financial market in recent times offer mobile apps to their clients which are quite user-friendly. Customers can reach out to the representatives of their banks through the app all round the clock. A huge ATM network also works in their favor. Find out the banks that can give you the best customer experience in 2019.

JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase is one of the most widely known banks in the world today. If you consider the assets, it happens to be the largest bank, and moreover, it is known to make investments in all its concerned channels. Additionally, the bank is also known to diversify its services and makes its mark in the new markets that promise to reap huge dividends. The branch network is huge which is another plus point. Chase’s mobile banking app is probably the best of the whole lot and has found favor with customers. Through the application, clients can easily open accounts, schedule travel notifications, pay their bills, and avail other services as well. It gives a thorough account of your earnings and expenditures daily. That is brilliant, isn’t it? The representatives are available over the phone 24/7, and you can contact them via messages, too. Banking on its powerful delivery of services, JPMorgan Chase has earned several accolades and awards for customer satisfaction.

Bank of America

Bank of America’s fame is widespread, and there are ample reasons behind it. The fantastic digital features, a full-fledged branch network, and over 16,000 ATMs have made the big bank stand out. Its mobile app is one of kind where you can communicate with Erica, an automated assistant, and inquire about everything financial. In case the risk of over-drafting looms large, you can also get intimated within time. If you need to pay a visit to a Bank of America branch, you can schedule an appointment without any hassle. For its customer services, the bank has received 4.8 out of 5 stars, and that speaks volumes of how excellent it has been in giving its customers just what they need. Being a top performer, the Bank of America is a true financial problem-solver.

Wells Fargo

Based in San Francisco, Wells Fargo is one bank that has more existing branches than any other bank in the United States. In addition to that, the bank’s mobile app is, indeed, its unique selling point. As far as digital banking is concerned, Wells Fargo stands out among the crowd. The app boasts of a feature that aids you in realizing what you are spending your money on and of course, when. This feature is called Control Tower, and it lets you know where and with whom you have shared the details of your card. Aside from that, Wells Fargo helps you share your information on apps such as Mint in a much more trusted and safer way. The bank boasts of a vast ATM network, with 13,000 ATMs currently available throughout the country. Regarding customer experience, Well Fargo is leagues ahead of its competitors, receiving 5 out of 5 stars.

Ally Bank

Ally Bank representatives are accessible all round the clock over the phone as well as via live chat. The approximate waiting time is reflected in the mobile app and even on the bank’s website. Speaking about the customer experience initiatives, Ally Bank has been the leader of the pack. The virtual assistant on the app allows customers to connect and make queries verbally. The bank’s partnership with Allpoint network has proved to be beneficial, and based on that, customers can now get free access to a colossal 43,000 ATMs across the U.S. A score of 5 out of 5 stars proves how efficient Ally Bank has been in rendering its customer services so far.

These are the four best banks that are known to deliver unmatched customer experience in the past, and they continue to be the leaders in this respect. If you want a professional banking service that will help you out with your money, these are the best options you have at your disposal. Choose a bank that’s focused on you and not just your money.

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