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Big Money Being Awarded to Popular Podcasters by YouTube – Here’s Why

YouTube has become a source of income and livelihood for many people. Vloggers and singers on YouTube get paid a handsome amount for their efforts which is why many of them have left their full-time jobs to pursue their YouTube careers. Having said that, a new genre of content creators is rising on YouTube – podcasters. Podcasters, nowadays, are one of the highest-paid people on YouTube as YouTube is offering big money to many of its top podcasters.

However, before we get into the monetary benefits of starting a podcast, let’s start with what are podcasts? A podcast is an audio file released in the form of episodes that can be downloaded or streamed online. Podcasts are usually released on certain streaming applications and produced by networks or by independent content creators. A podcast has usually one host discussing a certain topic either on their own or engaging in a conversation with a guest. Some podcasts are completely impromptu and improvised while others are scripted. Some of the most famous YouTuber podcasts include Jenna & Julien Podcast, Ear Biscuits, Psychobabble, Dear Hank, and John.

How Much Is YouTube Offering to Podcasters and Their Networks?

With the growing popularity of podcasts, many companies have shown their interest in investing in them. This is the exact same reason why YouTube is also looking to venture in this direction.

For this purpose, YouTube has requested many podcasters to turn their audio podcast into a video and in return, YouTube is offering generous funds to podcasters and their networks. YouTube has gone as far as offering $50,000 to a whopping $300,000 to podcasters and their networks in return for video podcasts episodes instead of audio ones.

Top Podcasters on YouTube

This is the first time that YouTube has jumped in on this idea. YouTube’s executive Kai Chuk was hired in 2021 to take this idea forward and manage all the groundwork. In recent times, we can see YouTube’s efforts growing into fruition as many successful podcasts start to emerge on the platform.

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most well-known names when it comes to podcasts on YouTube earning more than 30 million dollars. It was downloaded by more than 200 million users in a single month.

The podcast My favorite murder by Karen Killgariff and Georgia Hardstack made up to 15 million dollars, the Dave Ramsey Show by Dave Ramsey earned up to 15 million dollars, Armchair expert by Dax Shepherd earned 10 million, and the Bill Simmons podcast by Bill Simmons earned 7 million dollars.

Is This a Wise Move?

All in all, it’s a wise move on YouTube’s part. This move indicates that YouTube as a platform is still innovating and keeping up with the evolving world and growing its platform even more. This means that YouTube is well equipped to compete against all big names now. With YouTube games, YouTube Music, short videos on YouTube, and now even podcast, YouTube are all set to stand up against giant platforms such as Spotify and TikTok.

To add more creativity and innovation to the mix, YouTube has decided to revamp these audio podcasts and convert them into video ones. With this move, YouTube is enticing not just its podcasters by offering them funds but also luring more viewers in by giving them visual episodes which can get them hooked.

By offering podcasters money, YouTube will soon recover the costs of investment it has to make on such podcasters. This is because such video podcasts have already been streamed millions of times in the initial stage of this idea.

These video podcasts will give YouTube an edge over all major podcast platforms such as Spotify and apple podcasts. In addition, this move is a great source of income and a massive financial push for many small content creators and also a prolific method of flushing more income into the economy. There are high chances that with this move video podcasts gain momentum and become a viewer favorite.

It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that many other video streaming platforms will adopt YouTube’s idea and start uploading video podcasts on their platform too, eventually making video podcasts a very common phenomenon. It is also safe to presume that podcasts will be more interactive and successful in the days to come, thanks to these platforms and the scores of original content creators.

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