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24K Bling! When Bruno Mars Gifted $55,000 Gold Watches to Band Members

Celebrities are often accompanied by bodyguards, who are usually and accidentally snapped by paparazzi along with their big bosses. The same goes for singers who have trusty back-up singers and dancers who are willing to catch the main act whenever there’s something amiss.

That’s why there are some stars who also go the extra mile to impress their staff, who are just like their brothers and sisters from another mother.

Bruno Mars/Instagram | The “Versace on the Floor” singer generously rewarded his band members who have been with him all throughout his tour

There are loads of perks when you work for a star – be it an actor or a singer, there are definitely many advantages of being in the company of celebrities. This is especially true when the boss treats you like a family, like you’re related of some sort, of course, figuratively speaking.

Whether or not you’ve impressed them or they just liked your service, it is always good to hear random praises and even gratitude. But what if, instead of words, you end up receiving something truly special?

World’s Greatest Boss?

For multi-award-winning singer Bruno Mars, he knows how to appreciate and reward his crew, you know, the ones we see with him on stage. The musician is one of the greatest bosses you’ll ever hear about after you know what he did, or gave, to his entire band this New Year, and for sure, you’ll just want to work for him.

Unlike other superiors that give smirks as bonuses or sometimes even nothing for the holidays, the “Versace on the Floor” singer gifted his seven-member band not 24-karat gold (pun intended), but instead humbly offered 18-karat watches that’s also pretty acceptable and are worth $55,000 each. Just imagine receiving the accessory, and even if the recipients weren’t fans of watches, they’d surely be one after knowing how much it’s worth.

Bruno Mars/Instagram | In 2017, Bruno Mars donated $1 million to the Flint water crisis victims

Mars took to Instagram to share the moment he was showing the gold watches to the seven men, who were mostly smiling and who looked surprised. In the caption, the “24K” singer said it is so they could “bling” together – but note that this isn’t just any accessory you can buy at any thrift store. These are Extra-Thin “Jumbo” Royal Oaks from Audemars Piguet, a high-end Swiss watch manufacturer.

Iconic and Pricey Gifts

Do the math: A piece has a price tag of exactly $55,400, which meant seven of those would set Mars back by close to $400,000. Of course, if he has one for himself too, that would mean additional expenses. But pretty sure he doesn’t mind being generous at this time of the year, especially after his success with his tour, which of course, wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the band.

The said watches don’t just cost an arm and a leg, these are also iconic, having been first released by Audemars Piguet in 1972, but the yellow gold version came out in 2017. That’s not all; wearing a piece would not just also make looking at time a refreshing and welcome habit, but it also feels exclusive because, as per reports, these models are made at limited stocks per year.

What’s more exclusive is that the company seemed to have made personalized boxes for the watches that had Mars’ and his tour’s names on them. As for his chosen brand, it might be because the company contained his last name, which he emphasized with #AudeMARS.


A lot of his fans praised the “Finesse” singer for his generosity toward his band, while others praised him for his genuineness. To be fair, his band, apart from their presumed high salary, deserves some love, too, given that Mars’ “24K Magic Tour” that ended the previous year contained an impressive 200 concerts. The team capped off the tour massively in Hawaii, where the singer was originally from, making it kind of like a homecoming.

Bruno Mars/Instagram | His 24-karat gift to fellow band members isn’t the first time Bruno Mars has shown his generous side

Moreover, Mars ended the tour by donating money to the Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division of the Salvation Army, which will feed 24,000 as a treat for Thanksgiving from the last year, probably to signify his song and tour name, “24K.” This also proves the singer’s generosity, the same sentiment made by the divisional leader.

Indeed, Mars has been nothing but helpful in the past years. In fact, in 2017, he donated $1 million to the Flint water crisis victims through the Community Foundation of Greater Flint that aids families affected by the problem. He is just one of the celebrities that were kind enough to share their blessings; others included names like Cher, Puff Daddy, and Eminem.

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