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How to Add Value to Your Business with a Twitter Account

Twitter is certainly one of the most powerful platforms that can invariably business’s online reach. Most Twitter users at least 80% of them may mention a brand in a Tweet. Twitter is a place where you grow your customers with word-of-mouth marketing and meet your customers where they are. You need to stand out to succeed as a business. So, how can you improve your brand value via this platform? Here, is how you can do it.

Build an Outstanding Profile

The first thing to focus on is making a profile. You may turn away from your Twitter account without creating a proper profile. So, choose impactful images for your banner and profile picture. Most brands choose their logos for their profile image. However, you can always make your banner a little more creative with healthy doses of color and imagery. All this while keeping your Twitter handle relevant. Keep a track of the pinned tweet on a regular basis. The tweet you pin is either about an upcoming sale event or notifying the world about an upcoming launch. Ensure it is a catchy one. as it will engage your audience the most as it holds the position at the top of your feed. You can also, tweak your description, location, and website link. This will give your followers more information about your profile.

Value-Added Content

Whether it is adding value to your marketing content or Twitter content it is all the same. Keep your buyer persona in mind because it is one of the better ways of creating competent inbound content. When you are thinking about adding value to your social media content, you have to tweet by combining entertainment and education. Without these key things, you may not be able to elevate your content. Twitter is usually about inviting discussions and sparking conversations. The bottom line is to make the most of the 280-character limit. You can also mix up your content with videos and images. Sometimes emojis and GIPHYs work great too.

Content Optimizations

With the added value to your content, you may want more and more people to see it. Employ a few strategies to ensure a proper outcome. You can incorporate hashtags to make your content more popular. You need to be careful while, the right hashtags can do the trick, too many of them can do just the opposite. Just use one or two for optimal effect. To find the right hashtag, do a little bit of research to find the trending hashtags and do a little calculation to find the pulse of the audience.

It is also important to find out how many times can you tweet a day. Most companies tweet more than once a day. There are others who can tweet close to 10 times a day. But too much can necessarily clog the feed. So, find the right time to send out tweets that can reach the maximum of people. So, instead of how many, focus on at what time. Morning, lunch hours, and early evenings are the best time to reach out to your target audience.

Audience Interaction

It is necessary to interact with your audience on Twitter by tagging on various posts, answering their comments, or practicing giveaways to involve your audience. Audience engagement is critical. The only way to bring them on board is to give quick answers, making them feel important, the more you do that the more likely is for them to come back to your account.

Brand Monitoring

Be aware of what is going around for you, this will help you come up with content that your followers may want. Keeping track of the industry trends can help you come up with fresh ideas and improve the customer experience by interacting directly with customers, as you try to find out to fit into your customer’s needs.

Twitter Tool For Business

When you use Twitter for business, logging onto the platform can turn out to be pretty annoying, and can be regarded as a waste of time. Use tools to schedule your posts on time so you don’t need to retweet 30 times. For instance, a few social media tools (HubSpot)can help you to publish on social networks to build campaigns and schedule the content for later. You may also consider other tools such as Sprout Social or Buffer.

Employ these strategies to divert interest to your business via your Twitter account.

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