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Earning Even While Retiring: How to Have a Steady Retirement Income

savings money coinsSo how do you ensure that your nest egg lasts for the rest of your life? All of us don’t want to see the money run out too soon, but most have not given much thought about it. Most people don’t realize how to make their savings last a lifetime until it runs out. A steady income is a solution.

Is it possible to have a steady source of income during retirement? Yes, it does, but it takes a lot of planning. Save and invest. Try to determine the best payout options that will work for you. There are a lot of passive investments that are available in the market. Below are a few investments that might work for you.

Immediate Annuities

From its name, you can immediately provide an income. It is in an insurance form rather than an investment. For example, the ten-year annuity allows you to buy a stream of income in ten years. This will be giving you a steady income since annuities will help immediate pay right away. This kind of fund attracts retirees very well, but they also have to be aware that this fund might tie up to assets that could have a chance of losing their money if they pass away before cashing it out. However, this is advantageous if you don’t have any source of regular income aside from Social Security, and if you can stay within your spending limits.


This is in the form of individual or bundled funds. This is the type of loan that you give to governments, municipalities and/or corporations that will give you a regular interest when the bond matures. The face value of your fund loan will be returned to you when it matures. Financial experts will usually advise retirees to buy a bond that has a different maturity date than the so-called bond ladder. A bond ladder is a collection of bonds to match future cash flow to the needs of the person. One should keep in mind that buying a bond it’s not the income you should be minding but the interest it will give you in the future.

Retirement Income Funds

beautiful view nature sunsetThe main goal of this investment is to produce a monthly income. This type of fund is mutual that it automatically invests your hard-earned money in a varied portfolio of stocks. This kind of investment is advisable for retirees who have knowledge and experience about retirement income funds because they can be comfortable with it.  Also, this is very convenient because funds are set up so that you can access your money anytime you want.

Rental Real Estate

Research and a good knowledge of real estate are needed for this kind of investment. This is also great for hands-on owners. This approach has a silver lining since this a regular income generator. But before you decide to be a landlord in your retirement days, try to consider all the expenses such as property expenses, maintenance, and damages caused either by renters or natural disasters. Be smart enough to talk to a real estate expert for the ins and outs of this kind of investment. You may not wish to waste your hard earn money in the wrong investment in your golden years.

Closed-End Funds

man looking at a viewThis investment is right for savvy investors or someone knowledgeable enough when it comes to investing. The income comes from the interest and dividends from selling options such as a return of principal. Other close funds use leverage, giving an additional risk to buy more income-producing securities, but this will provide a higher yield to the investor. The closed-end fund can be your best retirement option as long as you understand it very well.

As retirees, there are a lot of opportunities for you to earn an extra income while enjoying your retirement. You can pick your own time that suits your lifestyle while still earning. You don’t have to work like the way you did before but you can still earn and continue learning. The bottom line, investment is a passive income generator, but you have to educate yourself and be vigilant of underlying issues. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned money just because you want to invest. Be wise.

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