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This Is How You Can Retire In Panama!

Panama as a country has always attracted visitors for its breathtakingly beautiful coastlines, snow-clad mountains, and lush forests all in the same country. Besides the adventure bit, the country gives more reasons than one to settle down after retirement. It has emerged as a top retirement destination. From its peaceful environment, the cost-effective standard of living to updated healthcare amenities, state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities, and a proper ex-pat community; Panama is a wonderful choice to be exactly once you retire. To know exactly how you can retire in Panama, go through the steps below. Finding your dream retirement home in Panama should be easy, provided you know what steps to take before flying to Panama.

Visit Panama

No matter how exciting and buzzing with activity it might be, did you know that Panama is also one of the most sought-after retirement destinations? But that isn’t reason enough to pick the place without visiting it. So, visit the country first, when the internet, map, and books research part is over.

There’s nothing like experiencing a zone all by oneself, especially when you plan to settle down there.  From the best of natural beauty to chaos and disarray on busy roads, Panama is replete with all. Check for yourself after you weigh the pros and cons of each factor.

Establish A Residency

There are a plethora of options that foreigners can have in terms of residency while in Panama. Multiple visa options exist, specifically meant for retirees. Based on the personal aspects, one can choose between investor visa, reforestation visa, employment visa, or a small business visa, and so on. The safest bet at this point is to talk to a licensed lawyer based in Panama who can guide you to the exact visa selection that would match the needs, preferences, and budget options for your post-retirement life.

Check For The Perfect Housing

Any apartment rental that is less than 45 days in the capital stands illegal, but the short-term ones are acceptable outside Panama City. Most accommodation facilities are based in the interior lands of the country and can be rented on a weekly or a nightly basis.

One word of caution here- plenty of stays abound everywhere here; however, online is not the best mode of searching for them. This is chiefly because the sites are often misleading and supply outdated information. Word of mouth is recommended, after which you can think of information from Airbnb, Corporate Stays, and similar such websites and apps.

Furnish The House

Once you have found the exact choice of home for your stay,  remember to get a property title or lease agreement to be in the safe zone with your household.  This is important for ensuring the installation of electricity and other basic facilities. One positive side is that several houses have pre-installed gas set-ups and are included in the costs of the homeowners’ association fees.

But if you take to a private house, order your gas tanks from companies at the approved rates. The Americanized culture looms large for ex-pats here; which is chiefly why you would find furniture items suiting the American taste and ethos. While setting up your home, try to get the best quality materials, bed linens, lighting, and other basic household items.

Build Connections

Relocation to a different place is an enjoyable feeling. By connecting with similar and like-minded individuals, the experience and joys of living increase manifold. Most ex-pats usually settle down in Panama City, Santa Clara, El Valle, Boquete, Pedasi and more. To make your living after retirement one of a kind, get in touch with groups, communities, and forums that will provide you opportunities to interact, network and connect more with people of your age, likes, and background. These places have a lot of communities that you can be a member of. To gather information and expand your territories.

As an icing on the cake, you would be happy to know that the 2019 annual list of ‘International Living’ has ranked the country as the ‘world’s best retirement haven’. You can also bring your pets to Panama and they would enjoy a different set-up altogether. The medical care of people and even pets is quite advanced, so you can relax with your furry friends, without having to worry about their safety. Panama is a haven for those who wish to explore the wonderland and hence you need not limit yourself to any one part of the country.

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