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Five Celebrity-Approved Restaurants To Try Out!

If we can’t meet our favorite stars personally, we can at least look at them from a distance and admire them, right? That might be possible if you happen to visit the restaurants that they love. All the big cities around the world happen to have a few spots that are frequented by celebrities. After all, after a long day at work, they also need a place to unwind.

However, it must be quite stressful for them if their fans decide to go and hang out with them as well. Hence, they have to be choosy about the place. It has to be one of the top spots in the city and preferably on the higher-end so that it is less crowded. Here are a few places where you can go to find the stars you love:

Spotted Pig

When a place is associated with names like April Bloomfield and Mario Batali, you tend to have the highest expectations from it. The Spotted Pig in New York was a huge hit ever since it opened its doors for the public. Michelin star chef April Bloomfield and celebrity chef Mario Batali are the brains behind this restaurant. The intimate setting of the gastropub has been attracting tons of celebrities since its early days. The star-studded clientele includes Taylor Swift, Jay Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, Ryan Gosling, and many others. Kanye West highly recommends the deviled eggs and the basil pesto from here. He even tweeted after the 2015 Grammy awards, saying his fans can have a drink with him in here. That was great publicity for the restaurant!

Prime – 112

A contemporary steakhouse from Miami, Prime 112 has become a hotspot for people watching and more precisely celeb-watching. Miami itself is a great spot for celeb watching since the city is known for its hot club scenario. It is a party hotspot and is a favorite of the stars, too. So let’s see who has been here – Oprah Winfrey, Tom Brady, Bill Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, A-Rod, and Dwayne Wade. The steaks are a must-have but if you want something fancier, go for the truffle lobster mac and cheese and for dessert, the fried Oreos with French vanilla ice cream.

Blue Duck Tavern

The Blue Duck Tavern is a place that has attracted the best of the best, and that includes the likes of Barack and Michelle Obama. It has also been a place frequented by Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Ben Affleck, and several others. The place is inside the Park Hyatt hotel and it is a must-visit spot for those staying within the beltway. Wood oven-roasted bone marrow and pan-roasted rockfish are the best delicacies you can order from here. See and be seen should be your motto when you visit this place. However, do remain discreet and respect the privacy of the stars.


Las Vegas has no dearth of fine-dining establishments. Celebrities who visit here are easily spoiled for choice. But one of their most favorite spots happens to be the Asian-inspired Andreas in the Wynn Las Vegas. The glitzy and glamorous place is known for being a clubbing hotspot, and yet they also have great sitting, so that you can enjoy the music as you savor their out of the world dishes. They have seen the likes of Lady Gaga, Elijah Wood, Kate Upton, and many more stars. The hot and happening restaurant will soon be replaced by a Mexican restaurant though. It will be the end of an era! But safe to say that the new place will be equally charming.

Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium

Though the name might seem strange, Sister Louisa’s is a famous bar in Atlanta where people go to rub shoulders with celebs as they sip on wine and catch the latest art exhibitions in the house. Sister Louisa is actually the alter ego of the owner, Grant Henry. It has been the center of controversy for various reasons but that doesn’t stop it from becoming one of the most popular places for celebs to drop in.

Next time you are close to any of these places, make sure to go in and check out if you can spot your favorite stars!


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