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Here’s All The Insider Information About Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner’s Wedding!

The Jonas brothers are truly hot and happening right now! Firstly, Nick Jonas got married to Quantico star Priyanka Chopra in a lavish Indian wedding last year. As you might have already heard, the Jonas Brothers released their album which was then followed by a docufilm made on their journey so far as a band. It has been an eventful year so far and the success of their album has made things all the sweeter. As an icing to the cake, the middle Jonas brother, Joe, is rumored to be officially tying the knot with lady love and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner in Paris very soon.

Earlier this year, we heard that the couple went ahead with their legal marriage which was necessary since they are planning a destination wedding in Paris. The rule is that when getting married out of the country, a couple should get the legal proceedings done in the home country first. Anyway, we can’t contain our excitement on another JoBro getting hitched, though it breaks our heart to see these once eligible bachelors married. So, here is what we know so far about Joe and Sophie’s wedding plans:

The First Wedding In Las Vegas

Priyanka Chopra-Jonas shared a good amount of information regarding the secret marriage of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in Las Vegas. They were at the Billboard Music Awards where the Jonas Brothers performed their latest song, and Joe started handing out small black cards to random friends as a way of inviting them to the little event that the two had in mind later that night. Shortly after the music awards, they went around the city in a pink Hummer limo in a typical Vegas style. Priyanka added, “We were driving around this pink Hummer limo. I was outside the window. It was just epic. I had that long hair extension that I thought was going to fly out of the window. It was that kind of night—a Jophie kind of night.” The Las Vegas wedding was as authentic as it can get — they had an Elvis impersonator, costume changes, and even a marriage certificate. Turns out, they had it planned all along, down to Sophie’s wardrobe change from a printed dress during the awards show to the pristine white jumpsuit she wore during the ceremony.

They Had It Coming

The beautiful couple started dating in 2016 after they met through some mutual friends. And just within a year, Joe Jonas popped the big question. Ever since then, the couple had been planning details of their big day, but little brother Nick got hitched faster. It was at the Chopra-Jonas wedding when the beans were spilled. Turner’s coach, Mike Bayer, posted a video of a wedding card that had their names engraved in wood along with the year 2019. The invitations went out when the extravagant Indian wedding was over. The video was deleted from Instagram soon after but the damage was done. The marriage was not so secret after all, and even the destination of the more “traditional” second wedding was revealed — the City of Love, of all the places! Fans even guessed that the box might be holding a bottle of French wine, perhaps? Now, that’s what we call opulence!

A Low-Key Wedding Coming Right Up

The luxurious style of the Chopra-Jonas wedding will be missed for sure, but you have to respect the bride and groom’s wish. They had always wanted a low-key wedding and had wanted to keep it casual. France itself speaks of opulence though, but the City of Love might be the perfect setting for the intimate affair that the couple has been planning since their engagement. An insider has revealed that lots of beer and kitschy decor will be the highlight of their wedding party. The brothers might even be up on the stage for a performance!

Specific details of the second wedding are mostly speculations so far, but when Sophie and Joe posted a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower last weekend, it’s easy to guess what the duo is up to these days. Of course, with the arrival of Priyanka and Nick, things have heated up in Paris, and there is no doubt now that the couple is gearing up for the big day. The Jonases look like one big happy family, and with the marriage of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, it will only get better. It is no doubt hard to keep up with the Jonases.




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