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“Chicago Fire Season 12″ and Taylor Kinney’s Return | Is It Sabotaging the Severide’s Character?

“Chicago Fire” has always been more than just a show about firefighters. Fairly so, “Chicago Fire Season 12” is a saga of bravery, sacrifice, and the personal growth of its characters, with Kelly Severide at its core. Taylor Kinney, who brings Severide to life, has won the hearts of viewers with his compelling portrayal.

However, as Season 12 unfolds, there is a growing concern that the show’s efforts to retain Kinney may be inadvertently undermining the very essence of Severide’s character.

At the heart of “Chicago Fire,” Severide has been a symbol of dedication and courage. Taylor Kinney’s performance has been pivotal, showcasing Severide’s evolution from a hotshot firefighter to a leader with a deep sense of duty.

Elle / As Taylor Kinney is retained in “Chicago Fire” season 12, it means the true character of Severide is sabotaged.

However, Season 12 introduces a troubling shift. Severide’s engagement in an external arson case, sidelining his Firehouse 51 family and straining his relationship with Stella Kidd, signals a departure from his foundational values.

Thus, this storyline not only jeopardizes his personal connections. But it also questions his loyalty to his team, presenting a version of Severide that fans struggle to recognize.

With Taylor Kinney Around, Severide’s Character Is at a Crossroads in “Chicago Fire Season 12”

The decision to focus on Severide’s involvement in an arson investigation, particularly at the cost of his professional and personal relationships, marks a significant narrative pivot. While Taylor Kinney’s character has always had a knack for solving complex cases, prioritizing this over his responsibilities at the firehouse and to his loved ones suggests a misalignment with the Severide which has been developed over the past seasons.

Elle / If season 12 of “Chicago Fire” wants to keep the true integrity of Severide, Taylor Kinney must exist, viewers speculate.

This abrupt shift has left fans questioning whether the show is preparing for Kinney’s eventual departure, using Severide’s character as a means to an end.

The Impact of Kinney’s Uncertain Future

Amidst rumors of Taylor Kinney’s potential exit, “Chicago Fire” Season 12 seems to be subtly laying the groundwork for Severide’s departure. While the reasons behind this narrative strategy remain speculative, the impact on Severide’s storyline is clear.

Fans are left in limbo, pondering the future of a character that has been central to the show’s success. This narrative ambiguity not only affects the continuity of Severide’s character arc but also risks alienating the audience invested in his journey.

taylor kinney

Marca / The challenge for “Chicago Fire” is to navigate Taylor Kinney’s involvement without compromising the integrity of Severide’s character.

The show must find a way to address Kinney’s future transparently, ensuring that any transition, whether it involves Severide’s departure or a renewed focus on his core values, is handled with care. The goal should be to maintain the show’s narrative integrity, honoring both Kinney’s contribution and the character’s legacy within the framework of Firehouse 51’s storied history.

Summing Up

While Taylor Kinney remains an integral part of “Chicago Fire,” the direction of Severide’s character in Season 12 has sparked concerns among fans. The efforts to keep Kinney on the show should not detract from the character development and narrative cohesion that have been hallmarks of the series.

As “Chicago Fire Season 12” continues, it faces the delicate task of balancing Kinney’s role with the preservation of Severide’s character, ensuring that the legacy of both the actor and his character remain intact. The show must tread carefully. It should ensure that in its quest to retain Taylor Kinney, it does not lose sight of the character that has become so beloved by fans.

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