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Why So Many Entrepreneurs Want to Be Featured on “Shark Tank”

Aspiring entrepreneurs have always seen ‘Shark Tank’ as a golden opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of fiery judges. However, with Kevin O’Leary lately hinting on social media that the show is receiving a record number of applicants for its upcoming season, it seems like things are taking a different turn.

This article will explore the latest developments on Shark Tank’s situation, understand why the judges may pivot their investment approach, and uncover why this could provide hope for future entrepreneurs.

The Talks | Kevin O’Leary suggests that ‘Shark Tank’ is struggling with an internal mishap.

Lack of Venture Capital Money

In his tweets, O’Leary reveals that the show’s vast numbers of applicants are due to a lack of venture capital that entrepreneurs have access to. With fewer investors available, it makes sense that Shark Tank has become even more attractive for those seeking investor funding.

Investment Approach

In the past, ‘Shark Tank’ has traditionally seen investors offering startup owners equity shares in exchange for funding. However, due to the lack of available capital and ‘Shark Tank’s’ growth, panelists are pivoting and are now offering deals that are primarily royalty-based. Thus, this fact alone highlights the changing trends within the TV show’s investment ecosystem.

SVB Mishaps

O’Leary also admits to having funds with Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) which may spell trouble for aspiring entrepreneurs. And this is after being involved in another collapse just a few months after the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX which he promoted.

BBC | As opposed to previous seasons, in this 15th season, Sharks are expecting to see a shift to royalty-based offers.


His fellow ‘Shark Tank’ judge Mark Cuban also suffered after putting money into SVB. In turn, this explains why the show’s judges are experimenting with different investment approaches.

Opportunities for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Despite the internal challenges that the fiery judges face, there is no cause for alarm for aspiring entrepreneurs–this season may open up new opportunities for them. With investors becoming more cautious in their investment approach, entrepreneurs will have to present their ideas more carefully and consider whether a royalty-based deal is worth it.

This pivot may also allow entrepreneurs to approach other investors outside the Shark Tank and receive funding from the ever-growing angel investor pool.

Elle | While ‘Shark Tank’ is receiving an endless list of applicants, chances are that very few entrepreneurs will find a deal with the Sharks.

The Final Word

The change in direction taken by “Shark Tank” judges and the reasons behind it could open a new era of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. A lack of venture capital money is leading to fewer equity-based funding deals and a growing interest in royalty-based deals. This means that entrepreneurs will have to be more creative and carefully consider what they are willing to give up.

Nonetheless, the opportunities could also impact those outside the Shark Tank ecosystem. It provides new avenues to approach and collaborate with other investors.

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