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This Phone Call Saved Michel Jackson’s Life During the HORRIFIC 9/11 Incident

Michael Jackson could have died eight years earlier than he did if it wasn’t for his mother who called just a night before the tragic incident of 9/11. Jacko had a meeting scheduled at the Twin Towers on the day of the terrorist attacks. But just a night before that, he had a very long chat with his mum and the two continued to talk on the phone until the early hours of September 11, 2011. The King of Pop was on the phone with his mom, Rebbie, until 3 a.m. the phone call eventually saved his life that day.

None of his family had an idea that Jackson had a meeting that fateful morning. The family panicked when they found out and Rebbie immediately called his hotel but she was assured that Jackson was alive. When she spoke to Jackson, he confessed that overslept because of her phone call the previous night and missed his appointment.

Had the singer died along with the other victims of the tragedy, he would have left the world much earlier at the age of just 43. But, eight years later, he died from cardiac arrest after overdosing on drugs at the age of 50.

Who knew if Jackson would have died or survived if he attended that meeting? He was lucky to have spent an extra eight years with his family before he passed away.

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