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Kanye West Woos Kim Kardashian With Romantic Valentine’s Day Surprise

Celebrities have upped their Valentine’s Day game this year, treating their partners (and the fans) to romantic surprises. Just recently we discovered that Orlando Bloom gave his girlfriend, Katy Perry, the surprise of a lifetime after presenting her with a gorgeous $5 million engagement ring. Some V Day surprises were heartfelt and beautiful; while others were expensive and won the hearts of women around the world. Kim Kardashian got the most romantic surprise from her husband on February 14. Do we say Kanye West won the Valentine’s Day award for the most romantic partner?

West spoiled Kim with a surprise private performance by Kenny G in her living room as the saxophonist serenaded her with romantic tunes. The room was covered in roses and when Kim saw the acclaimed saxophonist playing jazz in their living room and it was a magical moment for the television goddess. Kenny was surrounded by a sea of roses in glass vases as he played his iconic ‘Over The Rainbow’ for Kim.

The rapper is an extravagant spender who loves showering Kim with expensive presents. On her 38th birthday, he spent a fortune on arranging an elaborate surprise for his lady love. Last Christmas, he bought an £11 million condo in Miami to celebrate with his family.

The couple shares three kids and is expecting their fourth child through a surrogate. Lucky Kim, she just received the best present for all the hard work she does for the family. What do you think?

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