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Celebrity Spotted! Top Places In Los Angeles Where Celebs Hang Out

When watching actors and actresses on screen, it is hard to imagine that they have a life just like ours — one without the ever-present paparazzi stalking and snapping pictures of their every move. Of course, just like us, they do need to unwind after a hard day’s work. The only difference? They have more money to shell out for almost anything they want to do or to buy. While we opt for drugstore sheet masks, a bowl of popcorn, and a good Netflix series to binge on, they can go to best holiday destinations or even dine at some of the most expensive restaurants. Want to get a glimpse of their “normal” lives? Well, if you’re in Los Angeles, here are some of the places that celebs frequently go to for a bit of a me-time.

Catch LA

Opened in 2016, Catch LA is a seafood restaurant with a pretty rooftop space. The place is in West Hollywood, high above Melrose Avenue. The rooftop is decorated with lots of plants that give the place a green vibe. The club is open till 2 AM, and that gives celebrities enough time to hang around and have fun. However, many celebrities are known to have ordered home delivery from here. The Kardashians, Cindy Crawford, David Beckham, Kate Upton, and Paris Hilton make up some of their clientele. The sustainable seafood and vegan dishes from here are hugely popular. On the downside, it is not easy at all to get in unless you are part of the popular crowd with a loaded bank account.

The Magic Castle

Just like its name, the place is equally magical. Magic Castle is a club where you need to get a membership if you want to hang out here. We hear stars and A-listers of Hollywood come here to be entertained. The food served here is a typical American fare consisting of steaks and sandwiches. But the real star here is the magic shows.  So far, the place has hosted David Copperfield, Jason Alexander, and Neil Patrick Harris, among others. Apparently, the place is so popular that the club currently has a waitlist. We wonder if the list includes Hollywood stars!

Spago And Wolfgang Puck  At Hotel Bel Air

This place doesn’t need much introduction. Wolfgang Puck has carved his niche in the culinary world and is quite a celebrity himself. Spago’s key feature is the al fresco dining at the courtyard. Whether you opt for seafood or meat, there is a selection of 30,000 wine bottles to choose from and pair with your meal. The Bel Air is quite famous on its own but the dining scenario was suffering back in the day until Puck took over the reins and gave the place a makeover. No wonder celebrities have gone back to the place in hordes and, today, it is one of the top places for celebrity sightings!

Gracias Madre

With a healthy lifestyle being a new religion, it is not hard to guess that celebrities these days are more partial towards places that promise organically prepared food, a vegan menu, or even a gluten-free menu. Gracias Madre has captured the heart of the celebs for being a vegan haven. This hip and happening place has a star-studded clientele that includes the likes of Natalie Portman, Ellen Degeneres, Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba, Amy Adams, Jesse Metcalfe, Olivia Munn, and Sophia Bush. Chef Chandra Gilbert’s all-natural, Mexican menu is guaranteed to be made from scratch using organic produce and ingredients. The menu also includes some very creative cocktails, so don’t forget to have one of those even if you miss out on seeing any celebrity. That way you will have zero regrets.


We can’t really leave out Kim Kardashian’s favorite food joint when she has gone on record to profess her love for this place. Turns out Kim is not alone. Chrissy Teigen, husband John Legend, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Cindy Crawford are also fans. Craig’s serves American home-style food. The popularity of the place among Hollywood stars has made this restaurant a hot favorite with the paparazzi, too, and it is hard not to miss some of them waiting at the door for photo-ops.

Next time you want to eat out and ready to go for a splurge, one of these places might do the job for you. Apart from great food, you might get a chance to click a selfie with your favorite actor or actress as well. Who knows!


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