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They Paid What?! The Cost of These Celebrity Mansions Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Laura Dern – Est. $2.75 Million, Los Angeles

Any film buff would dream to have a house with a Bohemian touch, much like Laura Dern’s abode. And there’s a good reason why. From the mini Tyrannosaurus rex figurine that guards the front door (a unique gift from the maestro Spielberg) to the trio of Golden Globe statuettes laid safely hidden behind several book stacks, the family room of the American actress is an absolute marvel. Laura’s investments certainly deserve an ovation, for most of her collectibles come from high-end destinations like Blackman Cruz and LA Modernica. But it’s certain that buying art, photography, pottery, things from around the world, movie posters and lunch boxes as her passion won’t die anytime soon!

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