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Take A Look Inside The Houses & Mansions of Your Favorite Celebrities

Anderson Cooper — The Hamptons, Est. $3.1 Million

Anderson Cooper is not just a journalist but an author and a TV personality as well. He has been with the CNN for quite some time now and hosts the show, Anderson Cooper 360 Degree. He has also been the anchor of several day-time talk shows. He was the first gay person to moderate the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Thanks to his career, he has no fear of bankruptcy and can easily afford to buy million-dollar homes. One of his homes located in the Hamptons was in the market. It was a lovely English style cottage with rooms that exuded old charm. We have no idea why he wanted to sell it off. Maybe he had better real estate investments in mind?

Jesse Watters – Price Unknown, Long Island

Jesse Watters climbed his way to the top through sheer hard work — from a simple production assistant at Fox News to now a dapper political commentator for the channel. He is best known for his on-street interviews for The O’Reilly Show. If that’s not impressive enough, Jesse is also a co-host for The Five. He has come a long way since then and has boosted his earnings enough to own luxurious mansions all around the country. His Long Island house was where he stayed with his wife Noella Watters. However, his extramarital affair eventually prompted Noella to file for a divorce back in 2017.

Wolf Blitzer — Bethesda, Maryland, Est. $1.34 Million

The veteran reporter and journalist Wolf Blitzer has been with the CNN since 1990 and is a much-respected name in the world of journalism. He also hosts The Situation Room and is the lead political anchor of the network. Though he had won several awards in his career, critics often find his opinions to be completely humorless. He has been staying in Bethesda, Maryland since 1989. The house that he purchased came with a price tag of $710,000. But over the years, its price has increased and now it is evaluated to be around $1.34 million. It doesn’t seem like Blitzer and his wife of 46 years are going to move anywhere else soon, and this house might even be their retirement home as well.

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