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Take A Look Inside The Houses & Mansions of Your Favorite Celebrities

Geraldo Rivera – Est. $2.8 Million, Ohio

A grand home in Ohio with 6 bedrooms is exactly the type of place where anyone would want to relax after a long day of work. Geraldo hit the jackpot when he acquired this property because from what we can see, this mansion is the stuff of dreams and we’re sure that his 5th wife, Erica Michelle Levy, enjoys living there with him.

The property takes up a space of around 13,000 square feet and has a lovely, white theme which features a wine closet, a bar, plenty of skylights, and even a private swimming pool. Geraldo himself hosts talk shows, the most famous one being under his own name, and his popularity knows no bounds. He has also been in movies like All About Steve, although, at the age of 75, he’s getting close to retirement.

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