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Four Tips To Make Friday Your Most Productive Day

“Thank God It’s Friday” – how many times have you said that? Well, many, we guess. We all love Fridays because it means that the weekend is just around the corner — two whole days to ourselves before the vicious cycle begins once more. But if you think about it, Mondays are often the most productive day of the week. As it is the beginning of the week, we tend to organize all our tasks accordingly, check our inbox, reply to all our unanswered emails, finish the files, work on world peace. Okay, ignore the last one.

But the point is that Monday has received a bad reputation through no fault of its own. On the other hand, Friday is often considered as an extension of the weekend. It is the eve of all outings and social gatherings with friends, and that in itself can be a big distraction. So how much work do you get done on Fridays? Not much?

Well, you can actually make it the most productive day of your week by following a few simple tricks.

Aim To Complete Smaller And Easier Tasks

Since the weekend is here, it is more convenient to target smaller tasks and get them done as soon as you can. Completing them is easier, and once you are done, the sense of achievement boosts your confidence and actually makes you ready for more work. Also, Friday is not the day when your concentration span is longer and you tend to have a lot of tenacity to complete complicated tasks. Bigger and complex tasks will only make you dilly-dally at work, and you will end up not completing them at all. If you do not have many smaller tasks, concentrate on decluttering your desk, workspace, and your laptop. That will help a lot as well.

Plan For The Coming Week

If you already know your tasks for the coming week, plan them accordingly. Imagine walking in on Monday morning and knowing exactly what you need to do, wouldn’t that feel great? Use your Friday to plan your week. If there is a long project that needs background research or if you need to give a presentation, you can start with all the foundational work on Friday. If you have a goal to achieve the next week, you can also start work on it. You can also allot time to projects depending on how complex they are.

Keep Meetings For Fridays

Even if we hate meetings, truth is some meetings are unavoidable. Whether you have phone meetings or meetings in person, schedule them for Fridays. Usually, it is a slow day, when we all keep looking at the clock to see how many hours left for the weekend to sink in. So, utilize the time and get some tasks done as well. Get those phone calls out of your to-do list. It will also help move the clock towards 6 PM faster. Getting away from the desk will also break the monotony and allow you to be social with others.

Use Pomodoro

Though the usefulness of Pomodoro has been explained enough times, here it is once again. This productivity management application asks you to do some work for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break. It will give you a sense of urgency and you would want to complete your task within that time frame of 25 minutes only. This get work done much faster. It won’t leave you with spare time to scroll through your social media feeds or look at the wall and think about everything that is going wrong for you right now.

If Fridays have been your least productive day so far and if that meant you needed to work on weekends, too, it is time to change it all. Make it your most productive day by making some easy changes in your work culture. By the time you will get used to this routine, you will find that moving on the next week has become incredibly easy and you will have the entire weekend to yourself. Sounds like something you want badly? Then start today and get all organized. The more time you spend staring at blank walls, the more your work routine suffers, said no one, but the truth is everybody knows that well.


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