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These 8 Easy Jobs Pay Really Well

Not everyone is privileged enough to get a good education, let alone a college degree that would ensure a well-established career in the future. But all of us dream of landing that perfect job that will put food on the table and provide something more to buy us the comforts of life. It’s been said time and again that you have to work hard to earn more. Well, that is not necessarily true, because the truth is, you just need to work smart to rake in the cash that you want. These days, ways of earning good money are aplenty.

Without discounting the importance of getting a degree or pursuing higher studies, the reality is, you have several choices that are ripe for the picking. What you just need to be clear about is what you do you want to do, how far are you prepared to go, and how much efforts are you willing to put in to get that job that would pay you well. We’ve narrowed down some unique alternatives that are sure to catch your interest.

House-Sitting for the affluent


Babysitting might be a breeze, but so is taking care of a household, and it pays good money, too. You’d be amazed that there are so many rich people who are almost always away or have more than one residence to come home to, that they need someone to look after their property to preserve it. The key to landing this job is earning the trust of your employer because he should feel secure at the thought that his house is in very good hands.

The key to landing this job is earning the trust of your employer because he should feel secure at the thought that his house is in very good hands.

Mystery Shopper

Though getting this job is not that easy, it is rather enjoyable, particularly if you love to shop. You get paid for sampling new products and doing a review of what you’ve just tried. The secret shopper would also be tasked to find out what the competitor is doing that the mystery-shopper employer is not, especially if such rival establishment is doing much better than the other one.

Message Board Administrator

For quite some time now, spammers and trolls have been a threat to huge websites and keeping these at bay is something that the business owners do not have the time for. They would rather hire someone to make sure that their sites are always in tip top shape and free from these risks.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Working from the comforts of your home with just a computer and a very good internet connection can actually lead to a full-time career. It is also rewarding in the sense that you get to work in your own time and place and get paid instantly through your payment facility of choice. There are so many companies out there (mostly virtual offices, too) that prefer someone to assist them in doing one of, or a combination of tasks such as email administration, appointment maintenance, blog-site maintenance, social media management, and the likes.

Toll Booth Teller

If you’re not claustrophobic and don’t mind sitting for long hours with just your arm doing most of the work, then this job might be for you. This is one lazy job that pays handsomely, but it can be a test of sanity and patience because of the sheer monotony of the task involved. But the upside of it aside from earning good money is that it allows you to interact with so many different people although for only some seconds.

Dog Walker


The famous “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan started as a dog walker, and look where he is now! We’re not suggesting that this is a stepping-stone to becoming a celebrity, but if you are fond of dogs and have a way with them, you can use this “gift” and further hone your dog-managing skills in exchange for cash.

Believe it or not, a highly skilled dog-walker can earn an average of fifty dollars an hour for this job. The bonus is that you get to exercise and meet people along the way.


Opinion Polls

The Internet not only provides information at your fingertips and connects people, but it is also a tool to get information from people. Business owners hire companies to conduct online surveys across the globe, and respondents get paid for participating.  All you need is an internet connection and a little knowledge of what the subject matter is about. Oftentimes, the survey is a vehicle to subconsciously introduce a new product in the guise of a customer pulse.

Lab Rat or Guinea Pig


The job is not for the fainthearted. If you’re the type who is brave enough to participate in a clinical trial. s that might spell a medical breakthrough, then this may be what you’re looking for. The risks, though, cannot be overemphasized, but the money is absolutely worth considering. On the average, a person who participates in studies gets three thousand dollars a month.

The bottom-line is you should choose carefully how you would want to spend your productive time. There’s nothing like doing a job that is so easy to do and get paid well enough to make you happy.



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