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These Are The Salaries Of Your Favorite NFL Stars

Adam Vinatieri – $3.85 Million

Adam Vinatieri is in his late forties but he is on fire when he’s on the field! He proves that age is simply a number, and he makes playing in the NFL while in your fifties look like a good possibility! He has played through four presidencies and four Super Bowls, and he has seen three Pro Bowl selections and three First Team All-Pro selections. That’s quite impressive!

Vinatieri is a familiar face from the 2000 all-decade team as well. Fans of both the Colts and the Patriots will know and love him and can continue to love him as he shows no signs of hanging up his boots any time soon! Banking on his long and successful experience as a placekicker, Adam is a force to be reckoned with despite being the oldest active player to date.

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