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The 4 Most Outrageous Shopping Sprees of All Time

If splurging on a designer item or two makes you feel rock bottom guilty, what will racking up thousands, even millions, of dollars in a single shopping spree feel like? For these 4 individuals, they probably felt on top of the world.


The diva had paid Balenciaga $100,000 for a golden bra and leggings ensemble in the past and has even bought a $2 million sports car as a gift for her hubby, but that’s the tip of the iceberg for her. She bought her husband an even more expensive property as a gift – a $40 million private jet. All these are fair game for her, though, and no cause for worry. She’s worth a lot more than her expenses so she can very well afford them and still have extra millions in the bank to spare.

Princess Maha bint Mohammed bin Ahmad al-Sudairi


She has not been described as a “world-class shopaholic” by Vanity Fair for nothing. In fact, in one shopping spree, she racked up a $20 million bill after a trip through Paris’ Place Vendome and Avenue Montaigne, the premier shopping spots for luxury items in the city. She also incurred a $7 million hotel bill after staying at the five-star Shangri-La Hotel in Paris for 5 months with a phalanx of people, occupying a total of 41 rooms. The more scandalous aspect of it all is her attempts to escape her payables. She never really paid for all that she bought; it was her relatives in the Middle East who ended up settling the tabs in order to keep her antics from shaming their family.

She was finally grounded and prevented from leaving her palace in order to avoid a similar controversy from happening again. However, considering she was able to flee her palatial confinement in the past, it may be just a matter of time before she invades Paris again and leave a trail of huge debts in her wake.

William Randolph Hearst

When his mother died in 1919, he inherited $11 million, which was a huge fortune in those days. He promptly used the funds to buy nearly 50 publications, making him even richer as the owner of the biggest media network in the world. He did not stop there – he shelled out millions of dollars for the furnishing of the “castle of his dreams,” which is in California. He piled the property with hundreds of ancient vases, sculptures, and expensive bronze and marble statues. He aimed to make the Hearst castle a “museum of the best things that I can secure.”

Imelda Marcos


She is a shopaholic par excellence, which is not surprising if you consider the fact that she has made the coffers of the Philippines – of which her dictator husband, Ferdinand Marcos, was then president – her own shopping purse. Although she has made numerous astounding shopping sprees, her most renowned jaunt was the one in 1983, when she spent $7 million – a sizeable amount in those days – in just 90 days.

“In a single day in New York, she spent $3 million,” a report noted. “Her New York loot included $2 million in fine jewelry and $35,000 on limousines.”

“In Rome she purchased a $3.5 million Michelangelo painting. Her travel expenses were also extravagant; she once spent $2,000 in chewing gum during a stop at SFO.”

Mrs. Marcos also bought a couple of skyscrapers in Manhattan, sparing the Empire State Building from her clutches as she deemed it “too ostentatious.”

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