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Is “Tenet” Going To Be Christopher Nolan’s First Bond Movie?

You wouldn’t find a Hollywood movie buff who doesn’t know who Christopher Nolan is. As far as original Hollywood film making in recent times is concerned, Nolan is probably the first and the last word. After the master director brought the Dark Knight trilogy to life on the silver screen, the world became witness to some of the biggest blockbusters of this decade such as Interstellar, Inception, and a few others that came out of his stable. His masterpiece, Dunkirk, earned him an Oscar nomination recently. So, what is he planning to do next? Sources reveal that Christopher is coming up with a new offering named Tenet which is scheduled for a release in the summer of 2020. How is it going to shape up? Find it out here.

Tenet – The Biggest Nolan Flick Ever?

As per reports, Tenet is all set to be one of the most ambitious and expensive projects handled by Nolan. The thriller is said to be revolving around World War II and has all the stuff to keep the audience stay glued to the screen throughout its running time. Considering his earlier projects like Interstellar and Batman, Nolan has never been involved with inexpensive projects to date. This time, Warner Bros. has put their full faith in him and why not? Christopher has a commercial pull which can be contested by only a handful of Hollywood directors currently. The producer is willing to hand over a colossal budget to the filmmaker to churn out an original film.

An International Espionage Film Is In The Making

Christopher is maintaining secrecy as far as the filming of Tenet is concerned. The plot has not yet been made public, and the media is still trying to unlock what the film could be about. Since the producers and the director himself have kept the plot under wraps, it has led to never-ending speculations from Nolan’s fans. From what has been known from recent developments, something massive is in the pipeline. Rumor has it that Tenet is going to be an innovative, action project that’s going to sweep the audience off their feet after it hits the IMAX screens. From what has come to the forefront, Warner Bros has smartly marketed Tenet as a film which will deal with international espionage.  Now, that can set the pulse racing, right?

A Bond Movie Maybe

A number of fans think that this time, it’s going to be a Bond movie with a Nolan touch in it. The director has always expressed his fascination and desire to wield the camera for a Bond film and has often spoken in favor of the Bond franchise. It remains to be seen whether the world gets a 007 flick or not. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, several rumors are doing the rounds and fans are waiting with bated breath, trying hard to figure out what concern does the plot of the movie has with time-traveling spies. No detail has been confirmed yet but, one thing is for certain: Tenet is going to remind the cinema-goers of what power a theatrical presentation can carry.

The Cast And Crew

Talking about the ensemble star cast, you will get to see Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Michael Caine, Clemence Poesy, Dimple Kapadia, Kenneth Branagh, and John David Washington. Ludwig Goransson, in all likelihood, will be composing the score. He will be replacing Hans Zimmer, who has collaborated with Nolan a number of times before. Editing will probably be taken care of by Jennifer Lame who will step in as a substitute of Lee Smith, the director’s long-time editor. Reports suggest that principal photography for Tenet is already underway and will take place in Italy, the United Kingdom, Estonia, and India. Warner Bros. has targeted July 17, 2020 as the scheduled release date as the third week of July is considered lucky for the filmmaker. The budget of Tenet has reached almost $224 million and that’s indeed huge!

Well, Tenet has all the potential to be a massive hit at the box-office for sure. Fans can’t wait for the release date to arrive and flock the theaters to feast themselves on this coming of the age spy flick that might have the ability to shatter all previous records of Christopher Nolan.

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